Our target

Healthy fruit – produced in harmony with nature and the environment.

The geographically central location of the Dunaj Fruit orchard, plus our knowledge and that of our partners, plays a crucial role. Furthermore, the warm Pannonian climate of the Danube lowlands creates the best conditions for fruit-growing at Dunaj Fruit. Fertile soils and thermal springs do the rest.

The efficient yet, at the same time, sustainable cultivation of robust varieties meets today’s demands to a high degree. In addition to our integrated organic cultivation, our proximity to the metropolises of Bratislava, Budapest, Prague and Vienna allows us to reduce our CO2 emissions further, as we have less distance to travel to reach consumers. Regionality is our priority and thus becoming our reality.

High fruit quality and a sensitive approach to our environment – for us, our children and the generations to come – this is what Dunaj Fruit stands for.



Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and is the country’s largest city with around 433,000 inhabitants. Here, tradition meets hypermodernity. Just like at Dunaj Fruit.



Dunaj Fruit s.r.o. works according to the latest standards and is Globalgap certified. We therefore guarantee the highest quality with fair working conditions. 



The vitamins contained in the apple are its key constituent. Vitamin C accounts for the largest percentage.

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We sell our products through Dunaj Fruit s.r.o.
Tel.: 0039 347 745 73 47
0039 335 10 15 986
Direct from the farm: Velke Ulany – Lenczehel

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