Useful information on the apricot

The apricot – a healthy all-rounder

Useful information on the apricot

Apricots not only taste devilishly sweet, they are also a really healthy all-rounder. In addition to extraordinary amounts of provitamin A (carotene), they contain vitamins B1, B2 and C as well as minerals such as potassium, calcium and phosphorus. As a consequence, apricots have a positive influence on hair and nails, cause a rosy complexion, strengthen the immune system and stimulate circulation. The apricot’s salicylic acid has anti-bacterial properties and is capable of killing harmful germs in the gastro-intestinal system. The active substance dimethylglycine, present in the apricot stone, is said to help against migraines and headaches.

100 grams of fresh apricots contain approximately 40 calories. The same amount of dried apricots contain 241 calories. However, dried apricots have an almost five times higher level of nutrients than fresh apricots, making both forms a healthy, delicious snack.Apricot jam recipeApricots make for a tasty and fresh snack, but they can also easily be turned into apricot jam, apricot jelly, apricot cake or into the famous Austrian dish “Marillenknödel” (apricot dumplings).

Here a simple and delicious apricot jam recipe:

  • • Skin, stone and dice 1kg of apricots• Take a large saucepan and put in the fruit, add 500g of jam sugar and a packet of citric acid and bring everything to the boil • Simmer for approx. 5 minutes; blend if you prefer a smooth texture• Brown 50g of almond slivers in a frying pan (without oil)• Add 4 tbsp of Amaretto and the almond slivers to the jam and stir well• Rinse your jam jars with boiling water, immediately fill them with the hot jam and seal tightly
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