Useful information on the cherry

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Useful information on the cherry

Cherries have always been highly sought after. Even Stone Age people picked and enjoyed eating them. During archaeological digs in our ancestors’ caves, petrified cherry stones have been found. We have the original gourmet – Roman conqueror Lucius Lucullus – to thank for the first grafted and cultivated sweet cherry. He discovered the cultivated sweet cherry in 62 BC and imported a number of cherry trees to Rome.

How best to freeze cherries
Cherries will keep well in deep freeze until the next harvest season, i.e. for one year. Sweet cherries are particularly suitable for freezing, because they have a relatively low water content and consequently won’t go squishy when defrosted.

Why are cherries so healthy?
The shiny red balls are bursting with healthy stuff: they contain potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, but also plenty of zinc – an essential trace element that is rarely found as abundant as it is in cherries. In addition, cherries provide a great mix of vitamins: provitamin A, the B vitamins and vitamins C and E. The fruit’s red colours, the so-called anthocyanins, have an anti-inflammatory effect and help generate connective tissue. Cherries are a wonderful natural remedy!

Which ailments can cherries help fight?
As cherries are full of substances that support your bone structure, nerves, teeth and the formation of blood, they are an ideal fruit for children.Cellulite and ageing skinThe latest cherry-related discovery has recently been made by San Diego-based dermatologists: the colour contained in cherries is responsible for creating new, firm connective tissue. By linking the fruit’s vitamin C and zinc with protein molecules collagen fibres are formed, thus generating an especially strong and elastic network.

For women and girls this means:
cherries are real super-fruits in the battle against cellulite. At the same time, cherries also promote beautiful skin and make for a younger appearance. The colour molecules in cherries fight those aggressive toxins in your body that cause ailments and the appearance of old age.

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